Semination and use of WebQuests in Spanish universities

This Report is about the use, dissemination and awareness enjoyed by the Spanish university system in the WQS, a methodology long history in primary and secondary whose interest in higher education has been renovated from the establishment of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the system of teaching skills.

The report provides a short theoretical concept of WebQuest and its evolution, as well as other related methodologies. Here, we highlight the most relevant findings about the effectiveness of its implementation in different areas of knowledge in universities: first, collected data provided by research abroad and then summarizes the most outstanding contributions research in the Spanish context.

The theoretical review is complemented by the results obtained from two surveys conducted from the OED. In the first, aimed at ICES, University Authorities or bodies responsible for the formation of PDI in Spanish universities, it explores the role of these bodies in teacher training for methodological integration of ICT in general and the methodology WQ particular. In the second, larger, reflects the opinion of a group of experts (academics with proven experience in implementing in their teaching WQ) in order to know, among other things, their views on the advantages and disadvantages the method, and the reception is part of the students and the appropriateness of their use in connection with the implementation of the EHEA.

Responsible: Jordi Quintana

Participants: María Victoria Martín

Period: 2010


Observatori d'Educació Digital, 2012