DER Journal

Digital Education Review (DER) is a peer-reviewed academic journal in the area of ICT and new emergent forms of teaching and learning in digital environments. It is co-edited by the Digital Education Observatory (OED) and Virtual Teaching and Learning Research Group (GREAV) at University of Barcelona.

Digital Education Review has been publishing since 2000 (previously it was called Interactive Educational Multimedia), It publishes in Spanish and English and offers the possibility to consult all its content freely.

Its specific focus is related to the impact of ICT in education, digital literacy and virtual teaching and learning: virtual environment design, development of cognitive tools, Internet, hypermedia, educational materials, evaluation of the Information and Communication Technologies when applied to education, etc.

The publication is open to all those researchers who can propose papers on this subject. We Invite scholars to publish the results of their academic studies in this area. We will accept both theoretical and bibliographic work, as well as practical and experiential papers.

DER publishes different kinds of articles:
1. Peer review articles: articles related to the focus of the journal that has passed the evaluation carried out by a group of experts.
2. Reviews: short articles about books, software or websites and PhD that have passed the evaluation carried out by a group of experts.

Observatori d'EducaciĆ³ Digital, 2012