Aprendre Textos: Website dedicated to teaching and learning of oral and written language

The “Observatori d’Educació Digital” (Digital Education Observatory) and  the Department of Education of the Generalitat of Catalonia publish the web APRENDRE TEXTOS, under the guidance of Ana Teberobsky Coronado, Coronado, a professor at the University of Barcelona and member of the OED.  The website serves the training and retraining of teachers of elementary and primary education interested in everything related to teaching and learning of oral and written language, therefore provides information on the units of language teachers and students involved in teaching and learning of reading and writing concepts that justify certain practices or activities in the classroom, teaching sequences and really specific practical proposals to develop the classroom, students’ examples of educational practices and models organized around several themes. The contents of the site are based on a psychological theoretical perspective, empirical evidence and current historical research on the subject, and the experience gained during years of work in schools Ana Teberobsky and his team, with the intention of promote reflection and improve teaching and learning process, as well as language and academic skills of students. 

Observatori d'Educació Digital, 2012